Thanksgiving kayaking

IMG_4994A rare event in Cape May in November. The winds were calm and the bay was glassy. Usually I just think about kayaking, which is what I did on Thursday. But when the winds were calm and the bay was glassy again on Friday – I acted. It was eerily quiet and a little foggy. Part of me hoped that some dolphins would surface while the anxious part of me hoped they wouldn’t. The sun was warm. And yes, I made Clio come with me.


Sea salt greenhouse brunch


On a whim we decided to go to a brunch jointly hosted by a some local merchants – I wish I could say that we chose to shop locally – but the end result is still good!

A tiny Cape May Point restaurant (The Red Store), a new affiliated bakery (The Little Bakery) and a greenhouse/sea salt farm (Windy Acres Farm/Cape May Sea Salt) worked in tandem to host a brunch and a tour of the sea salt operation. Off season opportunities to stay afloat while offering an experiential meal to weekenders. Apple tarts with buttery shortbread crusts, watermelon infused water and interesting conversation – which would normally drain me for the day but was surprisingly okay. (Maybe because she was a family therapist and he was also a social worker type – both aware of the need to balance the conversation.)

I think we might be hooked, next possibility -On Friday December 18th @ 7pm “THE RED STORE POP UP EXPERIENCE”​.
Popping up in an empty farm house, an abandon factory, a vineyard, a green house, on this event The Red Store is moving out of site, location is a mystery and will be until the day of the event but we know that we will knock your socks off.